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Time           Speakers
13.00-13.05 Bent Brachvogel - opening remarks
13.05-14.00  Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Nobel laureate - "New horizons in hypoxia signalling"
14.00-14.45  Jan Riemer - "Proteome Plasticity During REDOX Stress"
14.45-15.15 BREAK
15.15-16.00  Lydia Sorokin - "Functional roles of vascular basement membranes"
16.00-16.30  Constantinos Demetriades, FOR2722 member - "The reciprocal interplay between nutrient sensing and secretory pathways in cellular homeostasis"
16.30-17.00 Kristina Bubb, FOR2722 member - "The crosstalk between metabolism and cartilage/ECM homeostasis"
17.00-17.30 BREAK
17.30-18.15    Sirio Dupont - "A unifying mechanostransduction system based on mitochondrial fission
coordinates the transcriptional and metabolic responses to extracellular forces"
18.15-18.45 Frank Zaucke/Oliver Semler, FOR2722 member - "How a better understanding of bone metabolism and ECM homeostasis results in novel personalized therapeutic approaches in Osteogenesis imperfecta?"
18.45 Get together